What is mean by Criss Cross?

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What is mean by Criss Cross? 1: to mark with intersecting lines. 2: to pass back and forth through or over. intransitive verb. 1: to go or pass to and fro. 2: overlap, intersect.

What does it indicate by Criss-Cross?verb. If an individual or point criss-crosses an area, they take a trip from one side to the other and back once again many times, complying with different routes. If a number of things criss-cross a location, they cross it, and go across over each other. They weaved the country by bus. [

What is an additional word for Criss-Cross?In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, colloquial expressions, and also associated words for crisscross, like: cancellate, criss-cross, haywire, conflicting, overwhelmed, converge, go across, crisscrossed, crosscut, reticulate and also reticulated.

Just how do you use Criss-Cross in a sentence?1) Railway lines crisscross the countryside. 2) Statesmen will crisscross the Continent. 3) His car turned round at the crisscross. 4) Inside package was a crisscross of wires.

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What does backtracking mean in English?

intransitive verb. 1a: to retrace one’s program. b: to return to an earlier point in a sequence. 2: to reverse a placement.

What’s another word for crisp?

Some usual synonyms of crisp are brittle, delicate, frangible, and friable.

What is the synonym of zigzag?

meandering, zigzagging, snaking, snaky, winding, wiggly, squiggly, uneven, adding, twisting, twisty, filled with weaves, curving, curved, bumpy, departing, undulating, sinuous, serpentine, tortuous, irregular.

Where did the term Criss-cross originated from?

crisscross (n.)

usually “referring to the mark of a cross previously created prior to the alphabet in hornbooks. The mark itself represented the phrase Christ-cross me speed (‘May Christ’s cross give me success’), a formula stated before stating the alphabet” [Barnhart]

What does a crisscross pattern look like?

A crisscross is a pattern of lines that cross or intersect. Your preferred t-shirt might be printed with pink as well as purple crisscrosses. You may scribble a crisscross pattern throughout class or sew crisscrosses on a quilt.

What does Criss-cross Applesauce imply?

Criss-cross applesauce describes a manner in which children sit on the flooring. They sit on their fannies with their legs crossed in front of them.

What does no backtracking mean?

Meaning of ‘backtrack’

He assured there would be no backtracking on policies. intransitive verb. If you backtrack, you return along a course or path you have actually simply utilized.

What do you indicate by retrace?

transitive verb.: to trace (something) once more or back: such as. a: to look at or along (something, such as a training course or path) once more typically in a reverse direction The hikers retraced the path back to the cabin. …

What is backtracking algorithm?

Backtracking is a mathematical method where the goal is to obtain all services to a trouble using the brute force method. It includes developing a set of all the options incrementally. Because a problem would have restrictions, the services that stop working to please them will be eliminated.

What muscle mass does Criss Cross function?

Benefits: Crisscross motions function the core muscles, specifically the obliques as well as lower abs.

What’s a criss cross workout?

Criss cross is a Pilates mat exercise that focuses on the abdominals with an unique focus on the obliques. The obliques help in stance stablizing to some extent, but they are extra associated with flexion and rotation of the spinal column. It is excellent to include exercises that target the obliques in any kind of abdominal muscle workout.

How many calories does Criss Cross burn?

Depending upon the strength, resistance and speed, you can shed up to 500 calories in just 30 minutes of exercise. Plus, the crosstrainer is taken into consideration a low-impact workout, due to the fact that your feet are strapped to the pedals and also the movement does not have any type of unfavorable effect on the joints or back.

What’s the opposite of crispy?

Opposite of having a crispy structure. soaked. versatile. pliable. soft.

What is a antonym for the word crisp?

crispadjective. Antonyms: steadfast, challenging, adaptable. Synonyms: breakable, friable, short, crackling, dynamic, brisk.

What is the synonym of mighty?

strong, effective, durable, energetic, tough, puissant, daring, valiant, valorous, strong, able, capable. mightyadjective. Synonyms: vast, enormous, immense, huge, stupendous, impressive, cyclopean, herculean, extremely great.

Is Criss Cross applesauce negative?

Criss-cross Applesauce may help trainees concentrate and gather, however being compelled to rest for long term periods of time in this setting might really advertise negative posture as well as create pain. Being in a ‘W’ posture with their legs behind them might be harmful to youngsters’s joints and also may impede development.

What is criss cross applesauce really employed yoga exercise?

Exercising Padmasana. The very first step is to rest conveniently in Sukhasana, which suggests “happy” or “very easy” pose. This is the position you sat in when you remained in elementary school, other than back then we called it “criss-cross applesauce”!

What is it called to sit cross legged?

Appropriate Form, Variations, as well as Common Mistakes

Easy Pose (Sukhasana) is the name for any comfy, cross-legged, seated setting, and among the most basic presents used in yoga method as well as reflection. So, sitting in Sukhasana is really resting any kind of means you can easily.

What is a zigzag pattern called?

Zig Zag patterns, known as chevron patterns in extra advanced circles, are dynamic as well as can add a great deal of power to a room. The word “chevron” refers to a “V” shape. Extremely thin “V”s duplicated, can become what’s referred to as a “Herringbone” pattern, often seen on woollen suits.

Is resting criss went across negative?

Sitting with your legs crossed will not cause a clinical emergency situation. However, it can cause a short-term increase in your high blood pressure and cause bad position. For maximum health, try to prevent being in any one setting, whether you cross your legs or otherwise, for long periods of time.

Who developed Criss-Cross?

Criss-cross approaches are pivot algorithms that resolve linear programs troubles in one stage starting with any basic remedy. The very first finite weave approach was developed by Chang, Terlaky as well as Wang independently.

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