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Simple recipe: No Bake Unicorn Cheesecake

No-bake cakes are super popular because they are so easy to make. You can make a delicious unicorn cheesecake with this recipe!

You can easily recreate the Unicorn cheesecake with a no bake recipe.
Unicorns really do exist. They are fluffy, cute, fart glitter and live in pink cotton candy land. From there, they sometimes make their way into our world – in the form of unicorn shower gels, lippies and makeup brushes. We’re going to tell you something now, but you can’t tell anyone: if you want to attract and tame a real unicorn, you’ll need a unicorn treat, or more precisely, a colorful unicorn cheesecake – after all, everyone loves cakes. Luckily, we’ll provide you with the recipe for it on the next few pages. Best of all, it’s a no-bake cake and therefore super easy!

The unicorn cheesecake is easy to make

Here’s what you’ll need for 8 servings:

450 g cream cheese

150 g sugar

225 g pastry cream

1 pck vanilla sugar or vanilla extract

Pink, blue, green, yellow and purple food coloring

Colored sprinkles for decorating

1 packet of wholemeal biscuits

50 g brown sugar

7 tablespoons butter

pinch of salt

Cinnamon (optional)


Here’s how:

Prepare a base from the whole seed cookies: To do this, crumble the cookies until you have about 200 grams of cookie crumbs. Mix them with melted butter, brown sugar, a little salt and, if you like, a little cinnamon. In the meantime, beat the cream cheese with the sugar and vanilla sugar or extract for about three minutes on high speed until it becomes homogeneous. Add the whipping cream or confectioner’s cream and beat the cream for three more minutes. Now divide the mixture into five small bowls and add a drop of food coloring to each. Pour the colored creams alternately onto the cake base.

Finally, decorate the cake with colored sprinkles, stars or edible glitter. Then let it cool for 6 to 8 hours and let it work its magic before you eat it. And who knows, maybe you’ll really attract a unicorn?

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