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No more bad hair days: 10 tips on how to tame your hair

10 tips on how to tame your hair

Tip #1: Oily hair whisked away.

If you haven’t tried it yet, this is your new must-have: dry shampoo. If there’s no time for washing and blow-drying, simply give the spray can a good shake and spray it onto the greasy roots from about 20cm away from your head. Then lightly scrub, brush through and you’re ready to go. The right products won’t stick or leave a white film on your hair. There are even special products for brunettes. And if you run out of dry shampoo, baby powder will work in a pinch.

Tip No. 2: Volume from a can

You can combat flat hair very quickly with volume powder. It works similar to a dry shampoo. It absorbs oil from the hair and makes it look fluffier. An added bonus: it gives your hair extra hold, so you don’t have to fix your hairstyle all day.

Tip No. 3: toupee

Do not be alarmed: of course, not as excessive as in the 60s or in the emo era in 2012, but the technique remains the same. And it’s quite simple. All you need is a fine comb and some hairspray.

Here’s how you tousle: First, comb through your hair. Then part the top hair from the back of your head and hold it loosely together. Then you toupee the top hair strand by strand by holding up the not too narrow strands one by one with one hand and gently pushing them with the other hand against the direction of growth from top to bottom with the comb. If it has become a bit too much, you can easily brush it out again. In the end, fix it briefly with hairspray and you’re done.

Tip No. 4: Hide and distract.

Hair accessories can help distract from your hair. You can decorate your hairstyle with hair clips, hoops, caps or bandanas. An added bonus is the extra bit of glamour you can add to your look. So next time maybe replace the earrings with a hair ornament?

Woman highlights her eyes with eye shadow to distract from her flat hair.

Tip #5: Compensate with makeup.

To distract from ill-fitting hair, you can draw attention to your face with the help of makeup.
With a few simple tricks, you can highlight your assets, as well as conceal a thing or two. Color accents on the eyes or lips are particularly effective.
However, you should not completely neglect your hair. Simply tie it into a braid or chignon and you’re good to go.

Tip #6: Wet hair look.

If your hair is frizzy and can’t be tamed, you can try the trendy wet hair look. To do this, simply distribute a large amount of styling gel in the hair with your fingers and comb the hair back strictly with a comb. The styling gel also guarantees bombproof hold all day, without the hair “drying” again later.

Tip 7: Hiding is also a solution

It’s especially easy in winter: simply hide your hair. In doing so, you have endless options: from hats to caps, ear warmers to bandanas. Put on your headgear when you leave the house and don’t take it off until you get home. No problem if you’re going for a walk or shopping, but at school and work it might draw unwanted attention.
The summer alternative to the cap would be, for example, the turban. This one can also look modern.

Tip #8: A different look with a wig.

It’s no joke: wigs you can also wear despite a full mane. Especially inconspicuous are so-called lace-front wigs. With them, the roots look like your natural hair. Another alternative would be a wig with bangs. Under the bangs, the roots can be hidden quite cleverly.


Tip #9: Tie your hair up tightly.

On a bad hair day, it’s best to opt for tied up hair. In doing so, no one will suspect that it is a makeshift solution. You can choose between many hairstyles, such as a braided pigtail, the strict chignon or a ponytail. In addition, you can resort to trick No. 4 and use a few hair accessories.

Tip #10: Stand by it!

Finally, here’s a tip for you, but it requires a bit of courage: Stand by your “impossible” hair! After all, unless you have an important appointment coming up, a day with tousled hair or visibly overdue hair washing doesn’t mean your death sentence. Don’t be so critical of yourself, because most people aren’t looking at it anyway!


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