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Flirting tips so you can finally meet your crush

Finally make the first move.

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We’ve all been there. Whether it’s the new guy or the buddy you’ve known since kindergarten, once you’ve got a crush, you really do. Secretly raving about him is great, of course, but it’s even better when you finally dare to talk to him or tell him that you like him. However, many of us lack the courage to do so. But that should finally change! With these 5 tips you learn how to flirt properly with your crush. With this you can do virtually nothing wrong.The first signals in flirting are important.



#1 Send signals

Girls, you have to know: Guys can’t be psychic. Try to show him as much as possible that you are interested in him. The best way to do this is with eye contact. Look over at him from time to time across the schoolyard – without exaggerating and looking like a stalker – find his gaze and hold it. A smile also helps immensely to let him know you like him.

Intelligence goes down well.

#2 Intelligence is sexy

Playing (blonde) dope can really be done by anyone and is really anything but attractive. Even guys don’t want a girl who makes a confused face and asks “Hey?” every time they ask. Try to impress your crush in class with smart answers. After all, people prefer to converse with people who have brains.

Compliments are important even when chatting.

#3 Give him compliments

Yep, you read that right! Not only women love to hear compliments. Quite the opposite in fact! Guys also love to hear, “You’re really mega cute” or “I can’t get your eyes out of my head”. But be careful: don’t overdo it, be sparing with the compliments, otherwise you might scare him off.

Two people who both love to cook.

#4 Look for common ground.

After you’ve managed to get his number straight, take it down a notch before jumping right into conversations with him. Do a little research and look for things in common, things that interest you both. You’ll find that conversations flow quite easily.

If you’re helpful, you’ll score well.

#5 Be helpful

Doing good deeds is always useful, of course, and is considered a good character trait. Guys especially like to see a girl rush to help others. For example, if one of your classmates is being bullied, don’t join in or just watch, but act and put an end to it. Not only will you help the poor student, but your crush will be impressed as well.


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