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3 makeup tricks that will make you look younger

After a certain age, you always want to look younger and younger. But the good news is: with a pair of easy makeup tricks, you can achieve it!

Woman with wrinkles might be grateful for tips on how to make herself look younger

You suddenly look in the mirror and think to yourself, “When did I get these wrinkles on my face?” Sound familiar? And believe me, you’re not the only one. Starting as early as your 25th birthday, your skin slows down its collagen production and the first wrinkles start to appear, your skin becomes saggier and grayer, and dark circles become more visible. But before you run straight to the beauty doc to get a facelift or Botox injections, you could just try these 3 makeup tricks that will make you look a few years younger in no time!

One makeup tip to look younger is to use the right face cream

1st makeup trick: apply the right base.
Many women often underestimate this step, however, it is the key to a younger look. Especially women who already have a few small wrinkles on their face should take this step to heart. When you apply foundation to bare skin, it settles into the wrinkles and makes them even more visible, so it’s exactly the opposite of what you want to achieve! That’s why it’s very important to use a moisturizing face cream first. Depending on whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, you should also choose an appropriate cream. Especially people with acne should make sure when choosing the right moisturizer that it is not too greasy. Otherwise, it could clog pores, which could lead to more pimples. Under your eyes, you could use a cooling eye cream to lighten the dark circles a bit.
To achieve an absolutely perfect complexion you should use a primer after the moisturizer. It will fill in wrinkles and pores, making your skin look like you’re 17.

A makeup trick to look younger is to use blush and bronzer.

2nd make-up trick: blush and bronzer from the jar.
What makeup do you use in the morning? Only concealer? Sure, it’s quick and you don’t look so tired right away. But the real freshness kick only comes in with some bronzer and blush. Often the face looks very flat and lifeless with only foundation and concealer, whereas the bronzer brings the necessary depth to the face and highlights the cheekbones. Blush additionally makes your complexion look much healthier. However, it’s important that you dose both correctly. A little too much and you’ll quickly look like a clown. Therefore, we recommend you to put away the highly pigmented loose powders and use pressed bronzer and blush in a jar, i.e. a small tin, instead. They make the look look natural and are easier to apply. If you have a cooler skin tone you should rather go for the pink and pinkish shades, whereas with a warmer skin tone you will get away better with the peachy blush shades.

If you want to look younger you should fill in your eyebrows

3rd makeup trick: fill in your eyebrows.
Women as well as men get more hair loss with age. However, it is particularly noticeable in the eyebrows. Since the hairs are particularly thin and fragile and thus particularly endangered by hair loss. So you can also see the eyebrows thinning with age. To maintain the young look, you should fill in the light areas. Meanwhile, there are a number of different products and colors that you can use for this. There are powders, pencils, gels or even eyebrow mascaras. Professionals first comb the unmade-up eyebrows downwards towards the eye, after which they draw fine hairs in the bald spots. Afterwards, the eyebrows are brought back into shape with a tinted eyebrow mascara. If you are new to eyebrow makeup, we recommend using an eyebrow gel with fibers blended in at the beginning. You will then create an effect of thicker hairs and tint them a bit. Professionals always advise to use one to two tones lighter, so as not to look too artificial.

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