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3 Habits that ruin your hair in the long run

Avoid them and your hair will be forever grateful:

Many habits you do to your hair are absolutely not good for it

Hair is our everything. We love to get the best out of them and take care of them as best we can. However, not everything we do to them is so healthy for them!

But insight is the best way to get better! These three hair sins we never commit again:

1. brushing wet hair

Hair is much easier to brush when you’ve just washed it and it’s still wet. Nevertheless, you should avoid it as much as possible, as they are also particularly sensitive in this state. Rather brush them before you wash them, or only when they are no longer completely wet. You can also detangle them a bit with your fingers when they are wet. Your hair will thank you for it!

A common habit is to tie a braid or chignon when you need to do it quickly.

2. let your hair down as often as possible

We love it – when you need to go out fast, just quickly tie your hair together into a chignon or ponytail and you look ready styled. However, this is not good for our hair in the long run. It can lead to hair loss, because our hair is constantly bent by the hair tie.

Most importantly, don’t sleep in a chignon or ponytail either. Although we often hear that this is to prevent tangles, but the opposite is true, our hair can break and fray, especially with thin hair.

Also one of the habits is hair twirling, which is also not good for hair at all

3. hands off your hair

Mostly we do it out of nervousness: we twirl strands of hair around our fingers and often several times in a row. Actually, it’s nothing special and nobody thinks about it, but the hair notices it every time.
Our hands are usually not completely clean, so every time we touch our hair we spread dirt in it and thus our hair absorbs more grease.

Sometimes out of stress many also start scratching their scalp. This should also be avoided. They negatively affect the cells of the scalp and so the hair roots can be damaged in the long run.


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