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Woman takes revenge on cheating husband at wedding

Revenge is sweet!


Revenge, as we all know, is sweet and best served cold. That’s what Casey (pseudonym) thought when she decided to take a step that many women in her shoes probably wouldn’t have dared to take in the first place. But from the beginning.


All little girls – at least almost all of them – dream from a young age of their Prince Charming and the dream wedding in white that goes with it.

The fact that this can turn into a wedding from a horror movie, probably no one expects. But that’s exactly what happened for Casey. The day that was supposed to be one of the most beautiful of her life turned into a nightmare. Just a few hours before the big “yes”, the woman learned about the affair of her future husband. She tells her story anonymously on the web.


It’s always bad when you find out that the man you love and plan to spend the rest of your life with is having an affair.

Flings are the last thing, especially when you find out about it on the day of your planned wedding. That’s what happened to Casey. She was getting ready for the day ahead when her smartphone wouldn’t stop vibrating. A glance at it shocked her: several messages and pictures appeared on her display, proving that her fiancĂ© had not been so serious about fidelity. Of course, Casey was devastated, but the woman got herself together after many tears and planned her revenge.


Although her bridesmaids advised her against her plan, Casey didn’t let this cheating go so easily. Instead of calling off the wedding immediately, she decided to parade and expose her ex in front of gathered guests. Her plan went like this: Casey walked down the aisle, but there, instead of the planned “yes” word, was the bride’s revenge. She had to bring out her smartphone and read out the cheating messages in front of all the guests. Friends, family and acquaintances got to hear that the groom can not stop thinking about his affair and that she was incredibly hot. But topping it all was the last sentence the cheater said to the other woman: “I’ve never had a connection like I have with you.”


A slap in the face – and not just for the bride.

The groom made an embarrassed exit. Casey wiped away her tears and celebrated her redemption from a cheater with her family and friends.


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