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Woman blinded because of old mascara

Cosmetics also have a best-before date, which you should definitely not ignore!

Cosmetics are expensive, and depending on the size of your collection, you use some of them a few times a year at most. So it’s no wonder that we care a lot about using already purchased items for as long as possible, thus getting the most out of them.

However, a woman from Adelaide, Australia, had to learn in a painful and tragic way that it can be dangerous to use cosmetics for too long.



The 50-year-old Shirley Potter had actually only intended to spend a nice evening with her daughters. The occasion for the celebration was Potter’s survived kidney transplant, after which she was finally fit enough to go out again.

For the evening together, she had made an extra shopping trip and paid a visit to her hairdresser. In keeping with the occasion, the Australian also decided to put on a little makeup for the first time in 20 years.

Find out what she had to experience the next morning on the next page.

When Potter woke up the next day, she found that her eyes were red and in a lot of pain – just the first stop in a never-ending tale of woe. When she then went to the doctor, he couldn’t find anything serious, gave the all-clear and sent the woman home again.

But the pain didn’t go away, even after weeks and months. Instead, Potter continued to lose more and more vision. But when she finally stumbled across a stroller at a mall that she hadn’t seen, her husband Steve convinced her to see another doctor.

But that one doctor’s visit was not to be the end of the story:

After numerous other visits to the doctor, during which she was unsuccessfully examined for all possible causes of her symptoms, a specialist finally found the actual trigger. An infection in both eyes was to blame for Potter’s gradual blindness, and the doctor already suspected what had triggered it.

When he asked the 50-year-old if she might have used expired makeup, Potter suddenly remembered the evening she spent together with her daughters. Her mascara had served as a carrier for the infection.

Find out what happened next for Potter after her diagnosis.

Unfortunately, the diagnosis came too late and even antibiotic therapy could not counter Potter’s dwindling vision. Gradually, she will lose her sight completely.

To spare other people this ordeal, Potter is now doing public awareness work. After all, many people are completely unaware that cosmetics even have an expiration date.

Since liquid products in particular provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which in turn can lead to nasty infections, cosmetics for the eyes should never be used for longer than six months.

The safest way, however, is to pay attention to the respective best-before date. Products that can only be used for up to 30 months must always be labeled with a best-before date.

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