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What happens if you eat a cucumber every day?

We know that vegetables are very healthy anyway, but cucumbers take a special place here. Every day a cucumber – This is what happens:

You should eat a cucumber every day

Why you should eat a cucumber every day
What happens if you eat a cucumber every day? In fact, eating cucumber has an interesting effect on our body. The fact that we should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables every day, everyone knows perfectly well. Vegetable foods contain many vitamins and fibers and are accordingly a blessing for our body. However, hardly anyone knows what special place the cucumber should occupy in our daily diet. Because their effect on the body is undisputed:

We know that cucumbers contain a particularly large amount of water (about 90%) and that a sufficient supply of water is considered healthy for the human body anyway. So that the cucumber is considered healthy just because of its water content is no secret.

However, those who think that a cucumber does not have much more to offer besides water are mistaken. A cucumber is a real superfood and scores top marks in terms of beauty and health. We’ll tell you why:

What other effect does it have on our body?
Cucumber is also regularly used in beauty treatments as a moisturizer. But that it has a much greater effect on our body if we eat it every day, almost no one knows:

Is it a superfood?

The true qualities of this superfood lie much deeper than just beauty: if you eat cucumber every day, you provide your body with the magnesium, fiber and potassium it contains. In addition, cucumber is ideal for diabetes and for the prevention of this disease. Cucumber contains bitter substances that help in the production of insulin. In addition, the super vegetable lowers cholesterol, as well as high blood pressure.

Still not convinced that you should eat a cucumber every day?

A cucumber also helps you lose weight

…And it goes even further! The miracle vegetable can do that too:
The water it contains helps the kidneys work and reduces uric acid. Cucumber is also a true superfood for our brain: cucumbers help improve memory!

Beauty and healthy hair thanks to cucumber!

Furthermore, regular consumption of cucumber helps to support the growth of nails and hair and very effectively reduces bad breath. Chewing a piece of cucumber for one minute removes bacteria responsible for foul-smelling breath.

…and last but not least:

A cucumber a day fills our stomach (with the best nutrients) and helps to eat less unhealthy snacks. So we automatically lose weight when we eat a cucumber every day! We are now more convinced than ever that we should eat a cucumber every day, are you?

Click here for the delicious shake recipe made with cucumber:

Recipe for a delicious superfood shake

Cucumber shake recipe
If you want to spice up your daily dose of cucumber a bit, delicious cucumber shakes made with healthy ingredients are quick and easy:

300g cucumber

100g apple (green)

500g buttermilk

6 tablespoons honey

Some peppermint

Lemon juice

Some whipped cream

Wash the cucumber, cut it in half and remove the seeds. Cut the apple into four pieces and remove the core. Cut apple and cucumber into small pieces and mix with buttermilk, honey and lemon juice and blend finely. Stir in cream to the blended shake and decorate with mint. The shake should then be drunk immediately. Ready!


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