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Weight loss success after a few days: This is behind the Sirtfood diet

Many women want to lose a lot of weight in a short time. A new trend gives hope: The Sirtfood diet promises weight loss success in a few days!

The photo shows a woman who can’t get her pants zipped because she needs to lose weight. Possibly she will be able to do it with the Sirtfood diet, which is a new trend.

Many of us have already tried one or another diet, so that the pants fit again. Whether part-time principle, low-carb or 25-second trick – they all have different names and only one goal: to lose as much weight as possible in as short a time as possible. Preferably without the annoying yoyo effect. But because of ravenous hunger attacks, many women do not keep up such diets for long. Now there is a new trend, which seems to be for many a gleam of hope at the horizon: The Sirtfood Diet. The special nourishing form provides successes just after few days. And still another good news: Chocolate and wine are permitted!

We reveal what’s behind the new diet trend!

A bowl full of vegetables and fruit, which are part of the Sirtfood diet.

Meanwhile, even celebrities swear by the Sirtfood diet. Thus, even Adele is said to have lost over 45 kilos with this diet! U.S. nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Metten developed the special concept, which relies primarily on plant-based foods. They have summarized their findings in a book*.

So-called sirtfoods are foods that stimulate the fat-burning enzyme sirtuin. Based on scientific findings, this diet is supposed to work similarly to fasting. This is because certain plant substances can boost the activity of the body’s own sirtuins here. The special thing about it: It is not only renounced – also feasting is permitted now and then. One should pay attention only to the fact that one combines certain food with one another.

But which foods are important here?

A woman who wants to lose weight and therefore relies on foods such as fruits and vegetables, so-called sirtfoods.

Which foods should I eat?

Substances that are considered sirtuin activators are, for example, allicin (contained in garlic), capsaicin (contained in chilies) or also curcumin (contained in turmeric). The most important sirtfoods for weight loss also include nuts, as well as fruits and vegetables such as apples, blueberries, raspberries, broccoli, kale, tomatoes, arugula, onions, garlic, parsley, walnuts and cashews. You can then supplement these plant-based foods with protein sources such as soy products, white meat or eggs. And for chocolate and red wine lovers and there is also good news: dark chocolate with 85 percent cocoa and red wine also contain sirtuins!

The diet is then divided into three phases.

The Sirtfood diet can help women lose weight effectively in three phases

The 3 phases

Phase 1:

The experts Goggins and Metten recommend a strict plan in the Sirtfood diet, which is divided into three phases. Thus one is to begin in the first three days with a strongly reduced calorie supply, only 1000 calories are permitted daily. Thereby the metabolism is to be brought into swing. Accordingly, in the first phase, one is to drink a green smoothie or juice every day and eat a sirtfood meal.

Phase 2:

The next phase is to further boost fat burning and increase energy expenditure at the same time. Then 1500 calories per day are allowed, which can be taken in the form of two Sirtfood juices and two Sirtfood meals.

Phase 3:

The last phase is to stabilize the new weight. Then, in addition to the sirtfoods, one may also turn to protein sources and essential fats to maintain the dream weight in the long run. This is to be followed through for another week or a little longer.

Admittedly, this diet sounds pretty hard and intense at first glance. However, if one has overcome the phases only once, then nothing more seems to stand in the way of the dream body. This weight loss variant is probably something for all those who want to see their dream weight on the scales as quickly as possible.

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