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Watch out for these 5 men

This is where heartbreak is bound to happen!

These are the 5 men you should watch out for

In the search for the man for life, many women constantly come across the wrong one. Months of heartbreak and pain follow, until you meet another man who is just as not the one, and the game starts all over again.

But the search does not have to be so complicated! There are five types of men that you should beware of, because with them there is almost always a heartbreak.

Which five types of men these are, you will learn on the next pages!

1. the dazzler

This type wants to impress the woman absolutely – and at any price! Therefore, he likes to tell one or two more lies, as long as the woman adores him.

You should beware of these 5 men

2. the ghosting guy

This guy is particularly painful. At first, everything seems perfect; he behaves like a gentleman, the dates go perfectly, and the butterflies in his stomach fly around happily. But then, out of nowhere, he disappears. No calls, no messages, nothing. Being ghosted hurts especially bad!

3. the narcissist

This type of man is especially annoying! He is permanently looking for self-affirmation. That’s why you have to run after him all the time, he never gets in touch by himself and if he tells you something, then only about himself.

4. the child

You should be especially careful of men who are more child than man at heart! They constantly push everything important in front of them and can’t take any responsibility. In a relationship with such men, you quickly feel more like the mother than the girlfriend.

You should be careful of these 5 men

5. the exploiter

These men are the most dangerous ones. They seek out financially well-off women who are also preferably gullible or very lonely. They throw compliments around and impress with their charm to ask the woman for financial help. Of course, they always promise to pay the money back, but in reality the money is gone forever.


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