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Meaning of his compliments

Can you read between the lines? With some compliments, it’s sometimes impossible to tell what they mean. Our little guide will help you do just that.

What could his compliment possibly mean?

A compliment can be so nice, but what if you don’t know what they actually mean? As we all know, we women worry about everything and everyone: “What do men find attractive about us?”, “Am I too fat?” etc. And compliments can also be a problem for us, because it’s a well-known fact that we like to receive them, but don’t really know how to deal with them. Especially when they come from a man who already makes us weak in the knees and deprives us of our ability to think logically, we know even less what really lies behind the kind words.

No problem, because we have deciphered the 14 most common compliments of the male world for you – what our loved one wants to tell us with it, is extremely surprising!


Can compliments actually express everything?

#1: “You’re really cute!”

And no, that doesn’t mean I don’t take you seriously or look down on you. I’d still like to look out for you, though – if I may!

Sometimes the nicest compliment can just be said there.

#2: “You’re the best!”

Thank you for being there for me and accepting me with all my quirks. I could alternatively say it that way, of course, but then I’d have to admit that I have quirks. So I’d rather not.

Some compliments have coded messages.

#3: “You’re a really good cook!”

So good that I think you should cook forever from now on. I’ll also volunteer to do the dishes – but very likely not until ten days later!

When he finds you the right one, he’ll know what words to say.

#4: “You’re not like other women!”

Please don’t immediately think that this is a bad thing: To me you are very special, just what I was looking for!

Not all compliments can be interpreted correctly right away.

#5: “You drive me absolutely crazy!”

You’re hot and I want to go to bed with you, but if I tell you exactly that, you’ll go crazy. So better paraphrase.

Ouch, some compliments you just don’t want to hear.

#6: “You’re really all right!”

Totally fine, but that’s about it. Therefore I push you with this sentence quite elegantly into the Friendzone.

Quite clever these flattering words.

#7: “Everything suits you anyway!”

You show me ten different dresses that all look the same in my eyes. If I now decide for one, you insinuate that I would find you ugly in the others. So what’s the best way to get out of this affair? With a clever evasive maneuver.

Clearly, ambiguous compliment.

#8: “Your girlfriends? Yep, they’re nice!”

So nice that you’re welcome to bring them along sometime, but I still prefer spending time with you alone!

A few kind words put the icing on the cake.

#9: “You look great today!”

Sure, you always look great. But there’s something different about today. Have you been to the hairdresser?

This compliment signals: Please keep laughing.

#10: “You’re really funny!”

Funniest, by the way, when you laugh at my bad jokes. So please keep it up!

When he says the words to you, you know what’s up.

#11 “Let’s just stay home today!”

Of course, there are those clearly, ambiguous statements, too. Because when I say the words to you, I often pursue only one goal with it: I want to have you to myself. There’s nothing wrong with “Netflix and chill” either….

They exist, the compliments that bring a smile to your face.

#12 “I’m thinking about you!”

Okay, in the first moment we melt. However, you should be careful with the compliment. If you’re in a relationship with someone, or just in the beginning stages of dating and you get such a compliment, it’s just meant to be sweet and you can enjoy it without hesitation. However, if you get the compliment from a guy you haven’t heard from in a long time and then at night time, your alarm bells should start ringing: In most cases, it means that he only wants one thing from you.

Words can really mess with your head.

#13 “I love you!”

Ding, ding ding! We men say this phrase a lot and yes, this is a phrase your parents, siblings and friends might say to you too. First of all, it’s a really sweet statement and observation. To what extent I say this compliment to you as a firm or good friend depends on what I do next: do I kiss you passionately or give you a friendly hug?

It was nice with you, but that’s all?

#14 “It was nice!”

First and foremost, the compliment means just that: it was nice. When I tell you this sentence, you should pay attention to how I say it to you. If I write you the short sentence after a date and nothing more, it usually means that I think you’re nice, but you didn’t blow me away.

If he says the sentence that he misses you already, even though you are still there, then it means something nice

#15 “I miss you even though you’re not gone yet!”

There’s really not much to interpret here. Because if he says this to you, then he is probably very serious about you. He’s already longing for you when you haven’t even left yet. Because just the thought of your absence makes him crazy.

If the man tells the woman that her style of dress is beautiful, it doesn’t mean he’s in love yet

#16 “I love your style of dress!”

Again, you can take this compliment with a clear conscience. If he tells you that he likes your outfit or he likes your look in general, then he just wants to give you a sweet compliment. But watch out: This does not mean that he feels more for you.

If he thinks the woman is a sweetheart, then it already sometimes comes to this compliment

#17 “You’re a sweetheart!”

With this compliment, it depends on the context. Did he just say it because you did something special for him? If so, he’s at least very happy about your nice gesture. However, it can also mean without context that he thinks you are something very special – a treasure!

If your crush always wants to look at you, then that’s a step in the right direction

#18 “I love looking at you.”

If he says this sentence to you, then he is at least already very taken with your appearance. But you should also be careful, because if you interpret too much into this compliment, then the getting-to-know-you phase can quickly backfire. He might already be addicted to you on the outside, but not really know your innermost yet.

“You make me happy” is a very serious and enchanting compliment

#19 “You make me happy!”

A really nice compliment that often comes from the heart. If he says that to you, then you really mean a lot to him. When he is around you, he just feels complete and is happy. Just the thought of you brings a smile to his face.

When he tells you that he likes the touches you give him, then he trusts you

#20 “I like your touch.”

In the beginning of a relationship, people are usually still very timid with each other. Especially when you get to know each other. This compliment shows that he trusts you completely and likes to be caressed by you.


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