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How to tell if he’s lying to you on WhatsApp

This is how you uncover lies!

WhatsApp has become a part of many people’s lives around the world and it’s hard to imagine a day without it. The instant messaging service is fast and convenient. Friends, family, work colleagues or even the boss – everything is super easy to reach or you are super easy for everyone to reach. Of course, your favorite way to text is with your best friend or boyfriend. The only drawback to texting: you can’t spot lies as easily as you might in face-to-face conversations.

Especially for women, this can be really bad because you never know if your boyfriend or crush is just telling you fairy tales. But, pay attention: A study from Cornell University in New York has now found out the best way to detect lies. To do this, 1,703 WhatsApp histories were closely examined. The result is amazing, but also helpful!

1. detect lies: Pay attention to the length

No, girls, of course, this does not mean the length of a particular sexual organ. After all, we’re talking about messages here. The longer they are, the more likely it is that he is telling you lies. This is because untruths like to be embellished a bit.

2. recognize lies: Pay attention to the choice of words

Even more important than the length of the message is the choice of words he uses when writing to you. Namely, according to the study, there are certain words that liars use very often and like to use. These are “try”, “certainly”, “some”, “my” or “me”. Even the word “probably” can indicate that he is just telling you fairy tales. Of course, this does not mean that all people who use such words on WhatsApp are really liars. Probably some of them are even part of your daily choice of words.

3. detect lies: Pay attention to how long it takes him to respond

This is probably also the most annoying thing ever: Waiting for hours for an answer. It’s annoying even with normal friends or family members, of course, but if your boyfriend takes what feels like a century to finally answer you after you ask him a question, then you know something’s wrong. Of course, it’s possible that he’s very busy right now and not online at all. But it’s also possible that he just wants to avoid you and is ignoring you.

Girls are the real liars!
It is clear that gals use the “lie words” significantly more often than guys do. By the way, the female gender still has a small advantage here. “Thanks” to our period, we can still namely simply think up quite brazen excuses that a boy will probably never question. The classic: “Sorry, I have my period. I’m staying in bed because of the pain.

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