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10 things about the First Time that you did not know yet

Sometimes things turn out differently

The first time is a significant issue for many girls and young women. Especially at a young age, one is still very insecure and quite a few women are even afraid of the first act of love. So you hear many a story that portrays the first time as wonderful or as very unpleasant. There are some facts that you just don’t know or can’t know before the first sexual intercourse.


We have gone to the bottom of the widespread myths.

1. Nobody cares if you are still a virgin

In today’s world, girls grow up pretty fast and many of them get over with their first time quickly. No wonder thoughts come to mind like: Am I really the only girl who has never done it? But rest assured that there are plenty of other people out there who feel the same way you do. You should choose the right time for you and not let other people decide about your love life.

2. Your body will feel different

The first time is foremost a physical experience. So, it is quite normal that your body will feel different during the first intercourse. At first, your vagina will have to get used to the penetration and pressure. This slight pain will subside over time. At the same time, your breasts may temporarily feel firmer as your blood vessels dilate from the arousal. Your nipples hardening is also a normal side effect of the act.

3. It doesn’t have to hurt like hell

Yes, you always hear that a woman should go through quite a bit of pain the first time. But this is a common misconception. While it is very likely that it will hurt a little and you will feel a slight pressure, only very few women experience hellish pain during the process. If this happens to you, be sure to stop immediately.

4. It does not necessarily have to bleed

That every woman leaves a trail of blood on the sheets after the first time is also a common myth. It is true that the hymen is damaged or torn by the first time, but in principle it is only tissue in the vagina. Every woman has a different amount of it or in rare cases none at all. So it is possible that you will bleed at all or not at all during the first intercourse. Experts even estimate that bleeding only occurs in 25 to 50 percent of cases.

5. Lubricant makes it more relaxed

Especially the first time you are still very inexperienced and just the choice of the right condoms can quickly overwhelm. But especially if you are rather sensitive to pain, you should take the precaution of buying lubricant. It causes a smoother and more satisfying feeling during the act and makes it seem not so painful. However, make sure you try a water-based or silicone-based lube. Oil-based lubes reduce the effectiveness of latex condoms.

6. Contraception

Contraception in particular is an important topic. Thus, many face a huge choice of contraceptive methods before the first time. The most common contraception is the condom, which not only protects against pregnancy, but also against possible STIs. Around 88 percent use the condom or the pill for their first time. The remaining 12 percent, on the other hand, risk pregnancy or a communicable disease.

7. He could come pretty quickly

If your partner is still a virgin, then it’s very likely that your first time won’t go very long. However, that’s perfectly fine. You probably imagined the first sexual experience to be about the same as in the movies. In reality, however, it takes time for two people to become so physically attuned to each other that it becomes more exciting and lasts longer in bed.

8. The orgasm is not the most important thing

Especially during the first sexual experience, you shouldn’t focus on how you or your partner reach orgasm. The first intimate contact is all about getting to know each other’s bodies and trusting each other. Over time, you’ll figure out what you like. When one party is a little more experienced, you can learn from him too!

9. Your soul will not hang on the person forever

Of course, sleeping with a certain person for the first time is a special experience. However, it is in the rarest cases that you stay with your childhood sweetheart forever. You share an important moment in your life, but you are not connected forever.

10. It does not always work immediately

Often, both partners are pretty excited the first time. As with many things in life that you do for the first time, a certain nervousness is simply part of it – especially with such an intimate thing. It can happen that your boyfriend is so excited that he can’t get an erection, or that you realize you’re not ready for sexual intercourse. Then you should not force it and simply try again another time. Make sure the bed is good as that affect if you have any unwanted noise.You can check some good beds via bedroom showrooms, maybe even purchase some


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